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Forward and Upward

Тип проєкту






What does a person need to move forward? Nothing but the road.
How happy our first steps usually are... What obstacles do we later encounter on our paths? Human paths cross for a moment so that we can understand something very important about ourselves.
How many times will we take our shoes off our tired feet just to be able to smile again? How many more times will we close our eyes so that each step we take becomes the first step again?

Whose footprints will we see next to ours when we turn back?

What does a person need to go up? Nothing but the top.
Just choose a goal, look up for a long time, and then climb towards it. But how many of our rungs will be broken by the hands of others as each of us climbs to our own peak? How many more times do we have to fall before we regain our strength and try again, and again, and again...?

Whose footprints will we see next to ours when we look down?

"Why did you leave me alone when it was so hard for me?
- On those days when you saw only one trace, I carried you on my shoulders.

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